This project was born out of a divine plan placed on my heart while fighting for my life --once with pulmonary embolisms and deep vein thrombosis, the second time with cancer. In seeking my life’s purpose and answers as to why God spared my life, I sought earnestly to find out what it was that He needed me to do. You have to be careful what you ask God for because he will surely reveal it to you in due time. Since 2017, I have been on a mission to carry out what I believe to be God's master plan for me. 

As a wife, mother, aunt, daughter, sister and friend, this program holds a special place in my heart because I strongly believe it to be my divine assignment. It is deeply special to me because my baby sister fell victim to homelessness in New York City. My sister, down on her luck as a young mother and domestic violence victim, had too much pride to ask for help from family. I know that if it were not for programs such as this one, we could have easily lost her at any time during this season in her life. ​


We are driven by our dedicated fight to combat social and economic injustice of health disparities. Our mission is to work closely with community partners to provide a complex, comprehensive care program within a safe environment that allows for complete rest and recuperation through quality post-acute clinical care during times of injury and illness and where necessary to provide a safe home like environment for individuals to die with dignity.  

Due to increased concern about the lingering ramifications of the current opioid crisis, coupled with uncertainty about the nature of health care reform and the decline of affordable housing, we are the proactive solution to a "perfect storm" that will likely cause a staggering increase in the number of homeless persons in Richmond and throughout the U.S.

Sodality Respite Incorporated’s mission and goals offer a unique combination of treatment and prevention to break the cycle of homelessness. It also offers a clinical setting as a respite for healing and compassionate care.


Help us to strengthen communities and improve lives. Help us to break the cycle of health care disparities and become givers of compassion, love, gentle endearment and preserve the dignity of others.

Your humble servant,

Narita Snead MPH, MSN, ANP-BC


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